Engraved Glassware Palmers Green

Engraved Glassware Palmers Green
Engraved Glassware Palmers Green

LRS Engravers are the local experts you need for all trophies and engraved glassware. In fact, when it comes to engraved glassware, Palmers Green customers will not find a better option for quality and competitive pricing. They can supply the engraved glassware Palmers Green organisations need for their contests and tournaments.
Perhaps when you think about a trophy, the first thing that pops into your head is a metal cup or figurine. Perhaps you picture a simple cup design, the type that might be awarded in small scale for a school competition, or in large scale for a sporting event. Maybe you have in mind a famous trophy, like the football World Cup or the urn awarded for The Ashes cricket tournament. Increasingly, however, many customers are turning to engraved glassware as their award of choice.
Engraved glassware has several major advantages which make it a popular choice for Palmers Green customers. One of the benefits is that it is available in a wide range of styles and designs. Glassware can include stylish ornaments and decorations, but also bowls and other more practical alternatives. A popular choice of engraved glassware is glass plaques. These look good but also have plenty of space for engraving your message. By choosing engraved glassware, Palmers Green organisations can award a prize that stands out from the crowd.
Another advantage to the engraved glassware Palmers Green customers can choose is that it is easy to keep clean. It requires less work to keep shiny than many metal alternatives, as it can simply be dusted and lightly polished to retain its shine. This can be helpful if the trophy is to be returned and awarded over many years. With a metal trophy, whilst it is possible to keep it in immaculate condition, a year of poor care and neglect can take some time to restore ready for the next awards ceremony. With engraved glassware, it is less of an inconvenience if the recipient does not polish it for the entire year.
As the name suggest, the engraved glassware Palmers Green customers can choose includes engraving. This could be the name of the recipient, the date, the name of the award or something else entirely. Because LRS Engravers are specialists, you can be certain that the finished award will look amazing.
Of course, if engraved glassware is not what you are looking for, LRS Engravers also stock a wide range of traditional cups, trophies and medals. This includes a range of economy trophies if you need to buy several on a budget. These can be chosen from the stock that is carried in the store, or ordered from a wide collection of specialist catalogues.
When it comes to buying the best choice in cups, trophies and engraved glassware, Palmers Green customers need look no further than the experts at LRS Engravers. They have been in business since 1977, so they know what they are doing. For more information about the best choice of engraved glassware Palmers Green has to offer, contact LRS Engravers today.