Engraved Trophies

Engraved trophies
Engraved trophies

LRS Engravers have been established since 1977 based in London and provide a Large range of professional engraving services. Located in palmers green in north London we are able to serve a wide area and have established throughout the years an excellent reputation for the quality efficiency and personalised service we offer our customers. We are able to supply all kinds of trophies as well as engraved trophies engraved or plain plaques medals awards including silverware, pewterware and shields. Additionally, we supply a service for the purpose of engraving your own items such as plaques, shields, cups and engraved trophies not only in London but also throughout the UK. Our website will show many of the services and products that we have on offer however to see the full range of items we can supply, please request us to send you one of our catalogues and you will see there are many hundreds of products that we have available.

For our engraved trophies and other products, we do ask that you will provide the wording in typed written form so as to ensure no errors are made on our part in terms of the wording that you require. We always aim to provide an efficient service and will aim to return your engraved trophies or other items to you as soon as possible. Are you looking for engraved trophies or engraved other items for a club a school or a london league or are you in need of placing a bulk order of engraved trophies or other items? If so please do give us a call well we will be happy to discuss our discount options with you. Are you unsure as to whether we will be able to produce a trophy or an engraved trophy for the particular event or kind of sport? We are able to produce plain and engraved trophies in all kinds of shapes and sizes and for all sorts of events and sporting events which are highlighted in our catalogue however please feel free to give us a call where we will be able to confirm whether or not we can produce the particular kind of engraved trophy or other item you may be looking for.

The service we provide when it comes to engraved trophies and engraving generally is a flexible one. The engraving can be carried out on a trophy base or on plinth bands. Also remember that our engraving is not limited to trophies as we also engrave plaques, shields and cups both in London and across the UK.

An engraved trophy helps to mark a milestone event or achievement and can be a source of celebrating success for many years to come. An engraved trophy really helps to make a win or an achievement truly personal and can also be a great source of inspiration for individual and team events. Are you in need of engraved trophies for a personal item or for the purpose of a team event as part of a school or club? Trophy engraving specialists, LRS Engravers look forward to hearing from you!