Glassware (0002)

Plain and Engraved Glassware for Awards, Sports, Events, Competitions in London, UK

Glassware covers many different items, these include, Wine Glasses, Brandy Glasses, Glass Tankards, Decanters, Fruit Bowls, Rose Bowls, Vases. Base can be suplied for the glass ware to stand on.

Engraving can be done on most of these items, either on the glass or on the base.

Please view them on our link page catalogue 1 or ask us to send you a catalogue.

Plaque Engraving, Trophy Engraving, Shield Engraving, Cup Engraving, Engraved Medals, Engraved Plaques, Engraved Trophies, Engraved Awards, London, UK

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