Economy Cups (003)

Plain Cups and Engraved Cups for Awards, Sports, Events and Competitions in London, UK

A range of Plain and Engraved Cups, Silver Plated or Gilt, which can either be engraved directly on to the cup or the engraving can be on a plate fitted to the base

They are available in either Silver or Gilt finish and come in a range of six sizes.

Please view Plain and Engraved Cups on our link page catalogue 1 or ask us to send you a catalogue.

Cup A (Height with base 5"/12.5cm) £ 9.99

Cup B (Height with base 6"/15cm) £ 12.99

Cup C (height with base 7.75"/19cm) £ 18.99

Cup D (Height with base 8.875"/22cm) £ 26.99

Cup E (Height with base 10.25"/25.5cm) £ 36.99

Cup F (Height with base 11"/27.5cm) £ 47.99


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