Annual Shields

Annual Shields
Annual Shields

Plain and Engraved Annual Shields Plain for Awards, Sports, Events, Competitions in London, UK

Annual shields come in a range of sizes, 8"/20cm - 17"/42cm, and designs. They have record shields to engrave winners name on at any various interlude that you decide. They come with or without a Scroll or Ribbon which will take your engraving.

Supplied with a centre to depict either the sport/event or can have custom made centres to your own design.

Please view them on our link page, catalogue 1 or ask us to send you a catalogue.

Custom made centres would be subject to a minimu quantity which can be used over a period of time.

Plaque Engraving, Trophy Engraving, Shield Engraving, Cup Engraving, Engraved Medals, Engraved Plaques, Engraved Trophies, Engraved Awards, London, UK

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